What style of music do you play?

We play a wide variety of music. Something for everyone, visit our Song List page.
50s classics-60s Motown-70s-Dance-80’s New Wave- 90’s to 2000s to today’s hits
Country / Reggae / Latin. We play appropriate fun & popular music, no profanity or risqué content. Family friendly!

Can you play the Cocktail Hour?

Yes we can. Guitar or keyboard -add sax. (whatever you like).

Can you play The Ceremony?

Yes, if we are near the reception site. Guitar, keyboard, saxophone – want to add strings?
We’ll make it happen.

Do you have a ceremony sound system for music, mic the officiant and readers?

Yes we have options: Two speakers on stands with a mixer. A Lapel mic for officiant and mics for musicians. A Tech included will set-up, operate and breakdown the system. For small services, we offer an iPad with any music you want and powered speakers on stands.

Can I choose the music you play?

Yes, you can pick from our song list what we play and don’t play.
You can also request some songs that the band may not know to be played via DJ.

Will you learn a new song for us?

Of course! Just make sure you give us enough notice
so the band has time to learn and rehearse.

How long does the band play for?

Our typical set is 50 min to 1:20 hour.

Can the band DJ during their break?

Absolutely! Send us a list of the songs you want to hear. You can bring your own iPod for these breaks with your playlist if you like.

Can the band play overtime?

Yes, we can! but we need to know asap in order to adjust for an extra set.
Just like your other vendors, we do charge for the extra time.

Can we use your wireless mic and sound system?

Yes! Our sound system is available for any Toasts, speeches and announcements.

Will the band learn a specific song played at our wedding?

Absolutely, first dance/father-daughter/mother-son songs have priority then we do our best to learn other requests. We also can play the original via iPad.

Can we choose the songs you play?

Yes, you can pick from our song list what we play and don’t play. You can also request some songs that the band may not know to be played via Ipad.

How much do you charge?

In order to give you our best quote, let us know:
What size of band you’d like, where is the vent held and how long you want us to play.

Will the band travel?

Road trip! We can travel, of course we charge extra for the travel time & distance.
Some events may require Air fare & Accommodations for band members,

What does the band wear?

Usually, we wear coat & tie with slacks, but we have worn Tuxes, business casual, Topical shirts. Let me know your ideas and we’ll work with you.

Do you play corporate events, conventions or private parties?

Yes, because we perform a wide variety of music, we’re the perfect fit
for so many different events – even themed events.

Can I see the band perform before I book them?

You sure can! Ask about our list of local live appearances.

How far ahead of the wedding will you be in contact?

After we received your deposit and signed contract, I’m available to text/call/email
or meet up and talk about the event anytime convenient.
If you contact us on the weekend, we may be working an event that day, and likely
performing at that moment. We’ll give you the same dedicated attention
when it comes to your event.

When do I pay the balance?

When you book the band, you’ll make a 25% deposit payment to secure your date. The remaining amount is due 7 days before your event.
10 days before if your bank is out of the state of Florida.

What’s included in the band packages?

Sound system, stage lighting, MC duties, All taxes and fees, miscellaneous expenses including any break music. We also help coordinate to make sure everything goes as planned so you can relax and have fun.

How do I book the band?

After I receive the details from you, I’ll complete the contract and email it to you.
When you receive the contract, you sign, date and make copy for your records,
then send it back signed and submit deposit via Venmo/Paypal/Checks/Credit Card.
Your deposit secures the date for you.

What if a band member can’t make it?

In the event that a band member cannot perform due to illness or unforeseen
circumstances, The Faze Band will find an appropriate substitution. We have alot of talented friends in this industry.

Do you have General liability insurance?

We can supply your venue with a general liability certificate if it’s required.

What is your Pandemic policy?

Should your event be unable to take place on the agreed
upon date and at the agreed upon place of engagement due to government
orders and/or place of engagement closure resulting from COVID-19 or another
public health emergency (as defined by local, state or federal government declaration),
customer shall have option to transfer deposit to a new date, contingent upon
The Faze Band availability and agreement. Should customer and The Faze Band
be unable to mutually agree to a new date, any funds paid, less the deposit of $500,
shall be refunded.

Band sizes - we can be flexible with these groups.

4pc. Guitarist/ Female Vocalist/ Keyboardist/ Drummer
5pc. Guitarist/ Female Vocalist/ Keyboardist/ Drummer / Alto Sax
6pc. Guitarist/ Female Vocalist/ Keyboardist/ Drummer/ Tenor Sax / Alto Sax
7pc. Guitarist/ (2) Female Vocalist/ Keyboardist/ Drummer/ Tenor Sax / Alto Sax
8pc. Guitarist/ (2) Female Vocalist/ Keyboardist/ Drummer/ Tenor Sax / Alto Sax / Trumpet
9pc. (2) Guitarists/ (2) Female Vocalist/ Keyboardist/ Drummer/ Tenor Sax / Alto Sax / Trumpet
10pc. (2) Guitarists/ (2) Female Vocalist/ Keyboardist/ Drummer/ Tenor Sax / Alto Sax / Trumpet/ Trombone

What are the minimum power requirements for the band?

Two 20 amp circuits not shared with other vendors. Smaller band sizes can use one circuit.

What does the band require on the night of?

A hot meal, water on stage, electrical power and a covered space on a flat, hard, dry surface to play on. We do not require a stage, although it looks nice.

Can the band play outside?

Yes, but we require cover and a flat, hard, dry surface to play on.
Electronic audio gear in the hot sun or rain do not mix. Electrocution and instrument failure makes for a bad event. Always have a B plan in case of bad weather.

What size of stage do I need for the band?

We don’t require a stage but if you choose to have one,
Let us know so we can coordinate the right stage size for the band you’ve hired.

How long does it take for the band set up?

Depending on how large the band is anywhere from an 1.5 to 2.5 hours.
If set up is to be completed two or more hours prior to start, an early set up fee may be applied

Text or call 904-994-2993